My Ghostly Freinds: Battle for Ghostly Land is the first through fourfth episode in Season 2 of My Ghostly Friends. Its movie premiere is September 12, 2017.


picked up from Season 1, Jackie, Jake, Jack are planning to destroy the mole but suddenly Jake disappears and so does his stuff, and Jack gets a call from Ghostly Land has been enslaved by the mole which was revealed to be Val, she wants to enslaved the world so they must build a device with a little help with the whole town, to battle Val and save Ghostly Land, which goes to a world panic.


  • This is the Season 2 premiere.
  • The world finds out about ghostly land.
  • The ghosts are currently in the human world to help humans and earth.
  • There was a exibited opened for the ghosts.
  • Jasmine made a cameo appearance in this TV Movie.
  • Griff Didn't appear.