This layout guide explains the way all articles of the Episode category should be displayed in terms of sections and their content. Please follow this layout when creating Episode pages. This applies to all Episode pages.


"Episode title" All episode pages should begin with the episode title in bold letters starting of a sentence explaining the number of the episode in it's season of My Ghostly Friends. It should then go on to introduce any important episode facts such as, air date and the number of which the episode was filmed. To the right of the introduction should begin an Infobox. Please use the template: Infobox Episode (see the example to the right).

If the episode is unaired and there is no information to put in the section, the section should still be there. This is currently unknown should be in the space. Only "heading 2" headers should be kept if there is no information.


Gives a brief overview of what the episode is about and it's main focus. This should be but only a few sentences and should not give away too much. The point of the "overview" is to give readers a brief explanation of what this episode is about so they will not have to read the entire episode summary.

Episode Summary

This should be the entire description of the entire episode. It should be broken into paragraphs, explaining the episode. Please do use correct punctuation and language when writing the episode summary. A few pictures from the episode should also be included in the summary to accompany the paragraphs.


Main Cast

A list of the main cast should be given and it should tell who each cast member portrayed. If any in the main cast is absent, it should be mentioned after the list. Ex:

Recurring Cast

A list of the recurring cast members in the episode should be given and it should tell who each cast member portrayed. Ex:

Guest Cast

A list of any guest starring roles. Basically any cast member who is not in the main cast and appeared in the episode. It should also tell what character the person portrayed. Ex:


This is where any memorable quotes are displayed. The template: Dialogue should be used. Please only add quotes that are funny, emotional or has something special to it that makes it memorable.


Here is where any trivia facts or interesting information about the episode is listed. Ex:

  • This is the first episode in the series.
  • This episode aired as a series preview on March 26, 2015.


This is the first inner section of the Trivia section. Here please list any goofs, errors, and/or bloopers in episode.


A link to the gallery of the episode. All episodes should have galleries but they must have their own page. The page should be linked like this: "To view the Begingallery, please click here"


This is where the references are listed. Everything on the page that cannot be verified without a ciatation (trivia, production information, reception) should be given a reference. In this section all that needs to be put is this template: Reflist. With that there, all of the references listed on the page will automatically appear.

At the very end of the page the "Episodes" template should be there:



  • Pictures should be scattered about the page to accompany different sections.
  • If something is in need of a citation, please add a citation.